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In a former report, we used Measurable AI’s unique e-receipts data to look at the food delivery industry in APAC in the early months of covid-19, and saw a huge surge in food delivery volume. After six months, the pandemic is still not over, and so is the competition among the food delivery companies.

Based on one year of historical data in 2020, Measurable AI presents the second part of the food delivery industry research, covering market share, user behavior, and pricing strategy.

1. Who is winning the “hunger game”

Measurable AI’s e-receipts data reveals major players’ market share change…

[Blog] Quantitative researcher Damien Passemier joins Measurable AI as Chief Data Scientist!

After obtaining his PhD in Statistics in France, Damien got a 2 years postdoctoral position at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. During his research years, he published several papers on the topic of the Random Matrix theory. After that, he worked as a Data Scientist in several companies, including a horse racing betting syndicate and a hedge fund. Damien now joins Measurable’s team as the Chief Data Scientist.

Let’s hear his story!

1. Tell us about your story with Math

Ever since I can remember, I have always had a passion for Mathematics. Despite being a small…

Malaysia: Tracking Online Consumer Spending amid Covid-19

While the new waves of coronavirus continue to hit the world, consumers have gradually become used to the new norm of working from home and shopping online. The panic buying peak during the first breakouts may have been normalized, but in every aspect of life, the shopping behavior patterns are still changing.

Transaction value in the digital commerce segment in Malaysia is projected around US$ 11b in 2020, which makes up to almost 21% of the country’s total consumer spending. (Statistica, 2020)

Measurable AI’s granular item-level e-receipts dataset provides insights into consumer spending behaviors across different sectors in Malaysia during…

Measurable AI recently reached data contribution partnership agreements with Amazon AWS, and its competitive datasets covering the emerging markets of Greater China, South East Asia, and Latin America will be available on Amazon AWS Data Exchange soon.

Measurable AI generates consumer insights from transactional data for investors, corporates, and researchers. Measurable AI offers various types of alternative data products including SKU-level granular e-receipts data, aggregated transactional data, and visualized vertical dashboard. …

Case Study: MomoShop’s Leading Indicator

Measurable AI’s aggregated monthly order amount based on its e-receipts data turns out to be a leading indicator for revenue movements of Momoshop, a top E-commerce website from Taiwan (TWO: 8454).

Compared with the monthly revenue number published on MomoShop’s own IR page, Measurable AI’s aggregated number for monthly order has been a great proxy of the revenue movement of the company.

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Talk to us for more interesting datasets on the e-commerce industry. ABOUT US

Charlie Sheng is a serial female entrepreneur, and a dedicated communicator for technology. …

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Even before the pandemic, the food-delivery industry in Asia was growing insanely fast with big players trying to take over new markets every month. After the outbreak, these companies finally prove that food-delivery is a necessity in life. However, the food delivery war is still going on, and moving even faster than it was.

Based on Measurable AI’s e-receipts data panel across the emerging markets, we have seen some new changes in market share, and user behaviour among some biggest players in food delivery in Asia.

1) Foodpanda is gaining momentum in Asia Pacific with a solid Q1

Though each…

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Last month, Hong Kong Television Network (HKEX: 1137), the city’s very own e-commerce platform sets records in monthly turnover. The name although sounds strange to others is actually a rising business in Hong Kong. The company’s original plan was to start a television network but failed to get a legitimate license under Hong Kong’s complicated political environment.

In 2018, the company decided to focus on being an online shopping platform, and now it’s become one of the biggest in Hong Kong.

According to Measurable AI’s datasets for online shoppers’ e-receipts, the company is breaking record every month since January, when…

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Covid-19 has been the reason for sales boost in many unexpected categories like meal kits, video games and even toilet paper. On one hand, brick and mortar businesses are suffering from drops and lock-downs. On the other hand, challenging times create opportunities for industries that we never imagined before.

This is not an April Fool’s joke.

According to Measurable AI’s datasets for transactional email receipts, people are hoarding items like anti-virus softwares for their computers. Sales from Anti-virus softwares on BestBuy (NYSE: BBY)’s website increased rapidly in recent months with the spread of the pandemic.

Total sales from anti-virus softwares…

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The “infamous” strategy simulation game Plague Inc gets viral again with the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic. Launched in 2012, the game attracts users with its unique and terrifying theme, yet engages players on public health topics. It’s educational, fun and infectious.

According to Measurable AI’s datasets for transactional email receipts, the Plague Inc app saw a surge in popularity in China during the virus outbreak until February 26 when it was removed from China’s App Store. The developer published a statement saying that it was banned for “includes content that is illegal in China as determined by the Cyberspace…

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Before the pandemic started, China was supposed to experience its annual ritual Spring Festival Travel Rush (Chunyun) and officials were expecting around 3 billion air plane and train trips. Every year during this longest holiday of the nation, the number of outbound tourists would grow as well. Things are too different this year.

According to Measurable AI’s datasets for transactional email receipts, there’s been a drastic drop in airline and hotel bookings across top travel platforms.

The COVID-19 brought China’s travel giant Ctrip or ($TCOM) to a halt. Tourists had to cancel their hotel bookings. For domestic trips, hotel…

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